The Greatest Books of British Columbia

How do you define a British Columbia book?

We decided early on that we were going to leave that with readers. Was the book written by a BC-born author? Created while the author was in the province? Set in BC by an author who was never here? Looked at a certain way, all of those could be called BC books. If the work resonates with you as a British Columbian book, that will likely be true for others, as well. And if enough people name that book as one of their greatest books of British Columbia, it will make the top 100.

Want to add your voice? Send us your list of B.C.’s greatest books.

What should that list look like? That, too, is up to you. Send along your vote for what you feel is the greatest British Columbian book of all time, or make your own shortlist of great BC books. With you won't have to worry about your thesis.